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SnmpUnknownSubSystemException is described in the javadoc comments as:

This exception is thrown when the handled SnmpSubSystem is unknown.

This API is a Sun Microsystems internal API and is subject to change without notice.

since: 1.5

Where is this exception thrown?

Following, is a list of exception messages cross-referenced to the source code responsible for throwing them. Click on the method link to view the code and see how the exception is thrown.

How is this exception thrown?

The following sub-sections identify where this exception is thrown, and how (or why) the code is throwing the exception.

Any source code quoted in this section is subject to the Java Research License unless stated otherwise.

com.sun.jmx.snmp.internal.SnmpLcd.removeModelLcd(SnmpSubSystem, int)

     * Removes an Lcd model.
     * @param sys The subsytem managing the model.
     * @param id The model Id.
public void removeModelLcd(SnmpSubSystem sys, int id) throws SnmpUnknownModelLcdException, SnmpUnknownSubSystemException {
    SubSysLcdManager subsys = (SubSysLcdManager) subs.get(sys);
    if (subsys != null) {
        SnmpModelLcd lcd = subsys.removeModelLcd(id);
        if (lcd == null) {
            throw new SnmpUnknownModelLcdException('Model : ' + id);
    } else throw new SnmpUnknownSubSystemException(sys.toString());

Source: "Java SE Downloads: Java SE 6 JDK Source Code", at: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html

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