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InvalidMethodException is described in the javadoc comments as:

Instances of this class are thrown by BCEL's class file verifier 'JustIce' when the verification of a method is requested that does not exist.
version: $Id:,v 2001/10/29 20:00:33 jvanzyl Exp $ author: Enver Haase

Where is this exception thrown?

Following, is a list of exception messages cross-referenced to the source code responsible for throwing them. Click on the method link to view the code and see how the exception is thrown.

How is this exception thrown?

The following sub-sections identify where this exception is thrown, and how (or why) the code is throwing the exception.

Any source code quoted in this section is subject to the Java Research License unless stated otherwise.

  * Pass 3a is the verification of static constraints of
  * JVM code (such as legal targets of branch instructions).
  * This is the part of pass 3 where you do not need data
  * flow analysis.
  * JustIce also delays the checks for a correct exception
  * table of a Code attribute and correct line number entries
  * in a LineNumberTable attribute of a Code attribute (which
  * conceptually belong to pass 2) to this pass. Also, most
  * of the check for valid local variable entries in a
  * LocalVariableTable attribute of a Code attribute is
  * delayed until this pass.
  * All these checks need access to the code array of the
  * Code attribute.
  * @throws InvalidMethodException if the method to verify does not exist.
public VerificationResult do_verify() {
    if (myOwner.doPass2().equals(VerificationResult.VR_OK)) {
        JavaClass jc = Repository.lookupClass(myOwner.getClassName());
        Method[] methods = jc.getMethods();
        if (method_no >= methods.length) {
            throw new InvalidMethodException('METHOD DOES NOT EXIST!');
        Method method = methods[method_no];
        code = method.getCode();
        if (method.isAbstract() || method.isNative()) {
            return VerificationResult.VR_OK;
        try {
            instructionList = new InstructionList(method.getCode().getCode());
        } catch (RuntimeException re) {
            return new VerificationResult(VerificationResult.VERIFIED_REJECTED, 'Bad bytecode in the code array of the Code attribute of method '' + method + ''.');
        VerificationResult vr = VerificationResult.VR_OK;
        try {
        } catch (ClassConstraintException cce) {
            vr = new VerificationResult(VerificationResult.VERIFIED_REJECTED, cce.getMessage());
            return vr;
        try {
        } catch (StaticCodeConstraintException scce) {
            vr = new VerificationResult(VerificationResult.VERIFIED_REJECTED, scce.getMessage());
        return vr;
    } else {
        return VerificationResult.VR_NOTYET;

Source: "Java SE Downloads: Java SE 6 JDK Source Code", at:

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